Travel Update - CrossCountry

CrossCountry - Timetable Update and Travel Advice

While we all continue to adjust to our changed world, CrossCountry has worked hard to keep services running for the essential workers who are the backbone of the nation's response to the COVID-19 crisis. Now, as the nation prepares to enter the next phase of response the focus is on ensuring those that have to make essential journeys can do so safely.

Changes to train times
From Monday 18 May, there will be some changes to the timetable to continue delivering a train service to ensure essential workers are able to travel. Where possible longer carriages will be introduced but like all other modes of transport, CrossCountry trains can only carry a small
fraction of passengers whilst maintaining social distancing measures.

Staying safe while travelling

  • Travel by rail only if it is essential
  • Buying tickets before travel or using contactless payments
  • Leaving plenty of time for the journey and travelling off-peak if possible
  • Following public health advice while travelling such as 'catch it, bin it, kill it'
  • Wearing a face covering, if possible


What is being done to keep passengers safe while travelling
CrossCountry are doing everything possible to keep passengers safe, including more frequent and thorough cleaning than normal on board the trains.

To make essential journeys easier, the CrossCountry website provides all the information needed in one place.

We hope this update is of value and would appreciate if it could be shared with appropriate colleagues within your business as well as to your client partners to better manage travel arrangements and service enquiries during this challenging time.


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