The voice for the passenger rail industry

As well as being the official voice of the passenger rail industry, it also provides its members with a range of services that enable them to comply with conditions in their franchise agreements and operating licences. These include:


• Revenue allocation and settlement
• National Rail Enquiry Service (NRES)
• Railcard marketing
• Staff travel arrangements
• International products
• The Relationship with London Regional Transport
Travel Agent licensing and support


Commercial Team

Within RDG’s Commercial Department we have a team of people responsible for Travel Agents and other third parties.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Licensing & setting commission levels in line with TOC directives

  • Distribution of timetable, fares and product information, and ticket stocks

  • Provision of ticketing, settlement systems, and accountancy services

  • Facilitating the issue of tickets for all the Train Operators under one licence

  • Co-ordination of training courses

  • Account management role with Travel Agents, other third parties and Trade Associations