East Coast Services change to LNER 24 June 2018

Virgin Trains East Coast Services change to LNER

Welcome to LNER

London North Eastern Railway, or LNER, is the new operator for the East Coast line from Sunday 24 June.

A new operator but pretty much everything else stays the same. The same great team of people are running your services, on the same trains, to the same timetable, with the same high standards of customer service you are used to.

There will be no impact to services as a result of this transition to LNER.

All pre-purchased Virgin Trains East Coast tickets will continue to be accepted by LNER for the dates indicated on the ticket. You do not need to change your travel plans.

The LNER team will continue to develop your East Coast rail services, building on Virgin Trains East Coast’s successes. Our commitments include delivery of ongoing timetable improvements and launching the new Azuma trains that will revolutionise East Coast rail travel.

How to find out more
You’ll probably have lots of questions about how these changes affect you so we’ve pulled together the frequently asked questions
here which we hope gives you what you need.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch with the Virgin Trains East Coast Customer Service Team.

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