Legal Terms and Conditions

Your use of the ATOC Travel Agency Web Site (the “Web Site”) is expressly conditional on your acceptance of the following terms and conditions and will form the agreement between the Association of Train Operating Companies("ATOC") and you ("these Terms and Conditions"). Having accepted the Terms and Conditions on the 'Home' page you are consenting to be bound by these Terms and Conditions both in a personal capacity and where relevant on behalf of any organisation you represent or by which you are employed.

1. Ownership
The Web Site is the intellectual property of ATOC. Much of the content found on the Web Site may be owned by third party providers and distributors. None of the content or data found on the Web Site may be reproduced or modified without the express written permission of ATOC and/or its third party providers and distributors..

2. Use of ATOC Travel Agency Web Site
Your access to the Web Site is conditional on you being a user authorised by your employer. In the event that you cease to be such an authorised user you shall cease to access the Web Site.
Although ATOC provides free access to this Web Site you may be incurring telephone charges for the time spent viewing it. ATOC cannot and will not provide the detail of the cost of this charge for you and shall not be responsible for such costs.

3. Responsibility
You represent that you are over 18, and where you are contracting on behalf of an organisation that you are authorised by your organisation to bind it legally to these Terms and Conditions and that you and where relevant your organisation will be responsible for any liability that may be incurred as a result of your use of the Web Site or the use of your organisation's TAPSIS code.

4. Data Protection Notice
The information you provide during the registration process for the ATOC Travel Agency Web Site will be used by ATOC to enable ATOC and any member of the Training Operating Companies to monitor the use of the Web Site, generate automated reports, provide details or relevant promotions, appoint appropriate key contacts and to further develop these areas for the benefit of users of the Web Site. Your data will be held by ATOC in the United Kingdom. For more details please refer to our Privacy Policy.

5. Customer Information
Please remember that your or your organisation's customer data is confidential and must be kept secure and not disclosed to third parties. You must comply with the provisions of General Data Protection Act (GDPR).

6. Hypertext Links
The Web Site may contain hypertext links to web sites owned or operated by third parties. Such links are provided for information only. ATOC does not control them. ATOC does not accept liability for material on such web sites or endorse or associate itself with their owners or operators. No hypertext link to the Web Site is permitted by ATOC without express consent.

The Web Site may also contain interactive sites provided by ATOC. Such sites will contain their own separate terms and conditions. Your or your organisation's access to and use of these interactive sites will require acceptance of these separate terms and conditions.

7. Promotions
From time to time ATOC may include certain promotions on the Web Site. The terms and conditions relating to these promotions shall be posted on the Web Site.

8. Modification
ATOC may at any time modify these Terms and Conditions and your continued use of the Travel Agency Web Site will be conditional upon the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of your use. ATOC will take reasonable steps to bring these changes to your attention.

9. Waiver
The rights and remedies of either party in respect of these Terms and Conditions shall not be diminished, waived or extinguished by the granting of any indulgence, forbearance or extension of time granted by such party to the other nor by any failure of, or delay by the said party in ascertaining or exercising any such rights or remedies. The waiver by either party of any breach of these Terms and conditions shall not prevent the subsequent enforcement of that provision and shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach of that or any other provision.

10. Amendment and Termination
ATOC reserves the right to suspend/withdraw access to the Web Site without notice at any time and accept no responsibility for these pages not being available at all times. ATOC reserves the right to amend and remove the content of these pages without notice at any time.

11. Liability
ATOC has taken all reasonable care to ensure that the information contained within the pages of the Web Site is accurate. However, ATOC does not accept liability for any errors or omissions, or for information which is out of date. ATOC will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information contained in the Web Site is accurate and updated regularly.

In no event will ATOC be liable to you or your organisation for any economic loss, loss of profit (direct or indirect), indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss arising out of, or in any way connected with the use of the Web Site, its lack of availability, or for any information on services obtained through the Web Site or otherwise arising out of use of the Web Site whether based in contract, tort or otherwise.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit the liability of ATOC for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or for fraudulent misrepresentation.

12. Severability
If at any time any part of these Terms and Conditions (including any one or more of the clauses of these Terms and Conditions or any sub-clause or paragraph or any part of one or more of these clauses) is held to be or becomes void or otherwise unenforceable for any reason under any applicable law, the same shall be deemed omitted from these Terms and Conditions and the validity and/or enforceability of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall not in any way be affected or impaired as a result of that omission.

13. Entire Agreement
These Terms and Conditions contain all the terms of your contract with ATOC relating to your use of the Travel Agency Web Site only. No other written or oral statement including statements in any brochure or promotional literature published by ATOC will be incorporated into that contract or have any legal effect, and no party shall have any liability for such statement, unless they were made fraudulently.

14. Governing Law
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of England. All disputes arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

15. Cookies
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