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Staff Training

After your licence has been agreed, your agency will be required to have a minimum of two staff or 20% of the staff engaged in selling rail products, whichever is the greater, that hold a valid Certificate of Rail Agent Competency (CORAC). Although it is a licence requirement, the exams help staff members learn about the network and products to help assist them in their day to day role selling rail.

CORAC is RDG’s online training qualification for travel agents and consists of 3 exams; 1 National Rail exam and 2 Train Operating Company (TOC) exams, currently from a choice of 7 participating TOCs.

The cost for each individual exam is £33.00 plus VAT, therefore for candidates taking all 3 exams the cost will be £99.00 plus VAT.

Current QSC holders will benefit by only needing to sit the 2 TOC exams and therefore the cost to those candidates will be £66.00 plus VAT.

Once registered, candidates will have access to the relevant study guide that, in addition to online resources such as OC websites, will give them the relevant information they need to both take the exam and assist them in their daily role in selling rail.

For an individual to take the CORAC exams they must first of all be registered as a user on this website.

Full details of CORAC can be found on our dedicated Training page at

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