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Travel Agent Licence

The Travel Agent Licence permits the licence holder to sell the full range of National Rail products made available by all Train Operating Companies (TOCs) and also provide train service information.

You will be permitted to access the reservations system, allowing you to book reservations, where available, for your clients in conjunction with tickets sold.

Tickets and reservations covered by the licence are sold subject to the National Rail Conditions of Travel and therefore before selling a rail product the licence holder should take reasonable steps to ensure that the purchaser is aware of the rights and restrictions and National Rail Conditions of Travel that apply to that ticket and/or reservation.

A copy of the current Travel Agent Licence can be found here

Ticket Issuing Systems
In order to book and issue tickets, you will need access to a Ticket Issuing System (TIS) approved by Rail Settlement Plan (RSP), details of which can be found here. You will need to contact the TIS supplier to confirm their commercial terms.
Ticket fulfilment options include the usual (RDG approved) printed stock, e-tickets, m-tickets, and Ticket on Departure (ToD). There are two ToD options that you will need to consider before applying for a licence, details of which can be found here.
You will be able to process valid refund requests from your clients and will have a choice of processing these automatically through your TIS (if available) or sending them manually to the Travel Agents Refund Service (TARS).

Licence holders earn a commission, currently 3%, on sales made through their main RDG licence agreement (ToD sales on TIS supplier agreements may have a separate arrangement). The level of commission paid may be changed from time to time.

Licence holders are required to settle accounts on a 4 weekly basis. The agent will receive an invoice and itemised statement by e-mail at the end of each four weekly accounting.
Payment is by Direct Debit. Your account will be debited by the amount due 19 days after the period end. Further details will be sent to you upon the licence being granted.
Applying for a RDG rail licence should be seen as a mutually viable business activity. You will be entering into a legal contract with RDG on behalf of the Train Operating Companies. As well as the benefits that this will bring, it is important to remember that any breach of clauses in the legal agreement will incur financial penalties.
Late payment will incur a penalty of 4.5% above the current bank base rate per day and may be subject to additional administration charges.

There is a one-off licence application fee of £300 (plus VAT).

We ask that licence holders will be able to generate a minimum of £25,000 in the first year of trading and that you provide financial cover in the form of a banker’s bond or travel insurance bond to the value of the two highest consecutive projected period's sales, minimum of £10,000.

Staff Qualifications
After your licence has been agreed, your agency will be required to have a minimum of two staff or 20% of the staff engaged in selling rail products, whichever is the greater, that hold a valid Certificate of Rail Agent Competency (CORAC). Details of the qualification process can be found here.


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