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Accreditation is the process by which we ensure that any system, used to retail and/or issue National Rail tickets for travel on GB passenger train services, is able to:

• produce standardized tickets that can be accepted by all GB passenger train companies and so support interoperability across the GB rail network;

• generate ticket transaction data which can be accepted by the central rail industry settlement system, ensuring accuracy and probity of settlement;

• generate data which can interface with other central rail industry systems, such as the National Reservation Service (NRS) for booking seats & Ticket on Departure (ToD) for collecting pre booked tickets;

• implement and maintain industry security & integrity standards;

• comply with our licence conditions;

• ensure that standard central rail industry data feeds are used; and

• support disaster recovery/business continuity and recovery from system fault conditions, error handling and preserve an audit trail.

For a detailed overview of accreditation please click here for the Accreditation Section of the RDG website.