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Commercial Provisions

Rail Industry Commission
RDG publishes details of the current industry-wide commission arrangements for Travel Agents and Travel Management Companies (TA/TMCs), Third Party Retailers and Train Operating Companies (TOCs). These arrangements apply across all retailers and channels without exception and current rates and any proposed changes are submitted to the Department for Transport.

Click here to see the current commission structure and rates.

One of the key considerations is to deliver a remuneration structure which is both transparent and consistent across all retailers within each market sector.

Individual retailers and TOCs are free to agree bilateral arrangements for specific routes or types of business but these would be additional to the fixed industry-wide arrangements.

The current industry-wide arrangements were introduced in 2015/16 following extensive consultation between RDG, the TOCs and other stakeholders, including individual third party retailers and representatives of relevant trade bodies, including the BTA (formerly GTMC) and Advantage.

Future Reviews
Any wider review in the future will have as its primary aim the delivery of growth in an increasingly digital environment. Sponsored by RDG’s Customer Board and developed and implemented through a Commission Working Group, the review will examine:
  • the economics of rail retailing, both at a global and product level
  • comparative analysis through independent research of retailing in similar sectors
  • consumer behaviour through digital channels
  • added value provided by retailers


Retail partners will have an important role to play and will be engaged in the process from the outset, either through the retailer forums or in the working group.