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CORAC Renewal Exams

If your CORAC qualification has expired then you may need to re-take the exam depending on the number of qualified rail staff currently at your agency.

Qualification is a licensing requirement and so each office must obtain a minimum of 2 team members, or 20% of the office whichever the greater, holding the CORAC qualification.

If you do need to re-take your CORAC exam then you will need to register for the new exam, ensuring that you use the same username when logging into the Travel Agent website as previously used.

When logging into the website, go to the Extranet tab and then Online Exams and you should see two options;
• Register for CORAC Renewal Exams
• Take CORAC Renewal Exams

If you do not see these options only then you have either not yet passed the original exam, your current CORAC qualification has not yet expired or you are not using the correct username. In any of these cases please contact Travel Agent Helpdesk at for confirmation.

The renewal exam details are as follows -
• Agents are required to take two of the TOC exams (not the National Rail exam) only.
• One of the exams cannot be one previously passed.
• Cost of each exam - £16.50 plus VAT.
• The exam registration process is the same as with the original exam.
• A new CORAC number will be generated on passing the exam (and new certificate issued).
• The qualification is valid for two years.
• Successful candidates can apply for a railcard after completing the CORAC feedback questionnaire.

Please note that when a candidate wishes to register for a renewal exam they can only do so the day after the existing one expires, not before or on the date of expiry.

For full details on how the CORAC Renewal Exam registration process works please click here