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Study Guides

To aid candidates with their self-study research there are study guides available for the National Rail and TOC exams.

These are downloaded from the exams module on the RDG Travel Agents website, after registering for the exams.

The study guides are in PDF format and cover the range of topics required to help complete the relevant exam, however the information contained in theses guides will not answer every single question asked as the study guide is one of many sources of information candidates should use to locate information required.

Candidates should not only refer to their study guide but also the website links found in the guide to train company websites, train company travel agent websites (registration may be required), National Rail website and the online retail support website, Knowledgebase.

By accessing these sites they will gain a greater knowledge of information provided by the rail industry for their role in selling rail as well as assisting them in their exam.

It is recommended that the study guides are saved and then viewed online, rather than printed, so candidates can simply click through to the links.