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Railcard Offer

Successful candidates are offered the opportunity to apply for a complimentary National Railcard.

Those who have successfully gained the qualification can apply for either a 16-25, Friends & Family, Senior or the Two Together Railcard as a reward for their efforts in passing all necessary exams and also to promote and encourage agents to use trains for their personal journeys, experiencing rail travel first hand.

The free railcard is there for you to use over the two year period of your qualification. After successfully completing the exam you will be asked to complete a CORAC feedback questionnaire and at the end of the survey you will be asked which railcard you require. You will then receive a unique code for you to use on the railcard website to order your free railcard.

After completing your online application form, you will then be sent a railcard valid for one year and on expiry, provided you are still employed as a travel agent selling rail, you can then apply for a railcard for the second year in line with your period of qualification.

Successful candidates have the choice of 16-25 Railcard, Family & Friends Railcard, Senior Railcard or the Two Together Railcard.

As a special concession to CORAC holders, the 16-25 Railcard is available to all travel agents aged over 25. All other usual terms and conditions for the 16-25 Railcard, Family & Friends Railcard, Senior Railcard and Two Together Railcard apply.

As the railcard is offered free of charge we are unable to replace any railcard that may be lost or stolen.

For full terms and conditions of the railcards, please visit the railcard website at