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If you are ready to take your CORAC exam then you will firstly need to make sure you have registered, and have a username and password, for the Travel Agents Online website (

If you do not currently use the Travel Agents Online website and therefore do not have a username and password then please go to the homepage and register your details using the link found in the Register today to have full website access section. You will need to make a note of your agency’s Rail Licence Code as this is required when registering.

(If you have forgotten your username for the website then please send an email to


Exams Registration

If you know your username and password for the Travel Agents Online site then please log on to the website and go to the Extranet section and then select the Online Exams tab.

You will now see a page appear with 2 tabs;
• Register For Exams
• Take Exams

Please click on the Register for Exams tab. You will now have a choice of exams to take, please select as required and confirm.

You will then be requested to complete your candidate and agency details, including both your email address and your supervisor/team leader’s email address. Passwords will be sent to these addresses and used later in the registration process.

After confirming your candidate and agency details you will need to have your credit/debit cards details to hand to make your payment for the exams.

You and your supervisor/team leader will now receive emails confirming the exams booked and also the passwords to be used to take the exams.

Using the passwords you can now take the exams, downloading the study guides before you begin.

For full details on how to register and take the CORAC exams please click here